Feminine Touch Signs (1987)

  • Me and Dragon Themed Bike 2015

    I don’t just do Art, so I  have decided to combine both my Artwork ,  and my Sign Business , Feminine Touch Signs , together on my site. I will be posting a lot of  pictures of different, unique and one of a kind items (all custom ) both from my business, and from my art studio (my little piece of heaven !)  80% of my work is still done by hand , because people still appreciate the “old school ” ways. 🙂


    My business “Feminine Touch Signs” has been in business since 1987.

    It mainly consists of truck lettering , signs , store front signs , hand-lettering and vinyl lettering , hand-carved signs with  23k gold leaf , custom pin striping , custom  airbrushed work , art for garages , and much more !

  • I enjoy my work very much, and can not imagine doing anything else !

    If there is anything you are interested in buying, please email me at  debbsigns@hotmail.com

    or call  506-452-7884

    I look forward to hearing from you !

  •  “If I could not paint…I could not breathe”    Debb Ferris Bates
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Hand painted pinstriping can add a very classy touch to any vehicle.2011_1025FEB2011PAINTING0008

Debb Pinstriping Toolbox

dOUGLAS HARBOUR FIRE DEPT TRUCKBOX302148_10150300144999153_7414586_n


I have pinstriped  trains that have gone all over the world.

Feminine Touch Signs has been operating since 1987. It has always been a “one gal operation”, doing custom jobs that are at the up most “high quality” in hand pinstriping (painted by hand ), airbrushing , hand-carving , hand lettering , restoration of re-lettering things such as Coke machines, old signs , old gas tanks , motorcycles and much, much more.

 Signwriting is now considered a dying art/craft . If you are looking for something of high craftsmanship,   different and unique, Feminine Touch Signs is your place to go.

Email : debbsigns@hotmail.com for any inquiries on any custom jobs.

Debb’s interest in art started in her early years of childhood. Her parents would find her in a quiet place drawing. She was always known in high school as the one who would go to art school. But as fate would have it , she landed a dream job working at a sign shop straight out of high school. Instead of having to pay to go to art school , her job paid her for her sign-painting skills , which in time , she started her own business , Feminine Touch Signs.

  • One of my favorite things !!!  This plaque was given to me by six retired , die-hard workers, that volunteered their time to restore this plane, and asked me to help with this special project. One of the nicest surprises I have ever received !!
    Hand lettered


This Harley was done with 23k gold leaf , and pinstriped with a red stripe.

This bike was airbrushed with an eagle on the tank.

Other side of eagle bike.

Hand painted hoodliner for a Corvette

This bike had many, many hours of airbrushing the skull, and different scenes for the customer.

Examples of 23k gold-leafed hand carved signs

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