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Debb Ferris Bates has a zest for life !  Debb has always been known as the “artsy” one in her family  which was no surprise when she took a job at a local sign shop in Fredericton , right after high school . She soon started her very own business Feminine Touch Signs and has since continued in the graphic arts .

It wasn’t until the passing of her dear grandmother that Debb started painting and drawing  again in 1998 .  It was at that moment Debb had found her obsession . It was  in 2003 that she took her very first life drawing class at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery that she met artist Glenn Priestley  now her good friend and mentor . It was then that Debb fell in love with creating with not only using oil paints  but also using graphite and charcoal pencils. When asked what her preferred medium is to use , Debb would laugh and say ” Oh I love them all  !!! “

In 2012, with Glenn’s encouragement  Debb  applied for the Portrait Artist in Residence for the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, (and out of thirteen applicants,  received the title of NBSHF artist in residence ) to draw six Inductees for their museum , every year and has held this position to present.


PHONE : 506 – 452 -7884


(2021)  Visitors Choice Award  “Acceptance” – 1st Place at Grand Manan Art Gallery


(2020) Debb’s Cover design of her son Corey was shortlisted out of 880 entries and Debb’s design was 1st semi finalist , in a contest held across Canada for Princess Auto Cover Design contest .


(2019) Debb was shortlisted in a Protest Art Contest , to create a design of the meaning of Viola Desmond’s Story. Furthermore, her image was chosen by the Commemorative Committee, chaired by Henderson Paris to be part of the out door murals depicting the historic event of 1946 on the Roseland Theatre. To be revealed in 2020 at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow, N.S.

Debb Ferris Bates-8614

(2018) 2nd place, for Drawing of “Albert”  People’s Choice Award at  Grand Manan Art Gallery


(2017) Faber Castell GmbH of Germany in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld held an  International Design Contest in 2017 ( of what Karl’s studio looked like ) Debb’s design placed in the top 10 amongst 1500 applicants and was the only shortlisted member from Canada.

Karl at Work

Official Portrait Artist for the NEW BRUNSWICK SPORTS HALL OF FAME     ( 2012-PRESENT )


What does it mean for Debb to create?

“If I could not paint…I could not breathe.” Debb Ferris Bates

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