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To PAINT is to BREATHE…it’s one in the same to me.

My fascination with art began at a very early age. As soon as I picked up a pencil my imagination would soar and I would become immersed in a world of color , lines and  shapes. My parents said I could sit quietly and draw for hours.

While in high school I knew that I wanted to study art, however fate would take me in another direction. I began working for a local sign shop and my sign painting skills soon inspired me to open my own business in 1987, “Feminine Touch Signs”.

As much as I loved my work, my desire to paint something other than signs was constantly on my mind’s eye so in 1998 I painted my first portrait. My subject was my dear grandmother who had recently passed away. It was while working on this portrait that I realized how strongly I desired to create. After all, Tom Thomson , one of the artists in The Group of Seven, started out as a graphic artist.

In 2012 there was a call out for a new portrait artist for New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame. I was selected out of the thirteen other artists who applied and I have continued to do these portraits every year since.

My craft has awarded me the opportunity to meet people from all over Canada and the United States. Each time I am commissioned to paint a portrait, whether it be of a special pet or a loved one, I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm in my desire to bring life to a canvas.


What does it mean for Debb to create?
“If I could not paint…I could not breathe.” Debb Ferris Bates


Email :

 Phone (506) – 452-7884 


Gift Certificates Available

 Thank you for your interest

2 Responses to Bio / Contact Information

  1. Francine says:

    Wow Debb this is neat…I love it…beautiful work…


  2. Thank you Franny ! It was alot of fun. Glad you like it !

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