Welcome !!!

What a cutie pie ! Enjoyed painting this little guy in watercolors !



Dog done in  charcoal pencils

Charcoal pencils

Fox Painting

Fox painted in Oils





Shelleys Cat

Joey's parents


Betty's Mom

Painted in Oils




Jayme & Mark

About Debb Ferris Bates

Yes, I am an "art freak"...which would be true. I love all kinds of Art. The art of hand-lettering, the art of pinstriping, airbrushing and now portrait painting (pets & people) . "If I could not paint, I could not breathe" Debb Ferris Bates
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2 Responses to Welcome !!!

  1. Madeline Sleep says:

    Hi Debbie- thrilled just now to see your painting of our neighbour’s farm buildings (Harold & Irene Thompson’s- he passed away March4/’94 ), but Irene, who will be 90 May8/16, is still there except for brief visits to their daughter, Nancy S.-a 6 minute drive away. Would love to share this post to my Fb if I may. Is it O.K.?

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