I am an official “Wall Dog”

2012 Signpainters / MuraIists came from all over the world to participate in painting 15 murals in Kewanee Il. What fun it was to meet all these interesting personalities and talent !Group picture taken by Bruce Huff  (blue eyes)

KEWANEE Wall Dogs 2013069057194024246004017020202

2013 Kewanee Wall Dogs Meet in Kewanee Il.

 This was the most fun I have ever had, and I was so honored to be asked to join 212 Sign painters / muralist , from all over the world to help paint fifteen murals  in just 5 days ! So proud to now have the title…” Wall Dog ” …woof-woof !!

So proud to be part of this talented bunch of Sign painters / muralist !!!!

About Debb Ferris Bates

Yes, I am an "art freak"...which would be true. I love all kinds of Art. The art of hand-lettering, the art of pinstriping, airbrushing and now portrait painting (pets & people) . "If I could not paint, I could not breathe" Debb Ferris Bates
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