Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My very first memory related to art  was my first day of school  and I was given paper and crayons  and was told to draw a picture. I colored a happy sun with sunrays not touching the sun  and then I was told the rays “always” touch the sun by another student who was much older than I. ( I was 5 years old ! ) Well as if it was yesterday , I certainly told that person it just was not true !!

 When I am in that special place, it is a wonderful feeling ! I find beauty in everything … even on a rusty old car that has been “forgotten” in an old field.

In  early  2012 , I was  recognized for my portraits and was awarded the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame  next portrait artist . I was chosen out of thirteen other artists . There has only been two other artists since 1970 who have done the  charcoal drawings , so I am very honored !

Matt Stairs

2012 NB Sports Hall of Fame

I am truly grateful for my creative life I have and cannot wait to see what my future  will unfold !

“If I could not paint…I could not breathe “

    Debb Ferris Bates Artist


About Debb Ferris Bates

Yes, I am an "art freak"...which would be true. I love all kinds of Art. The art of hand-lettering, the art of pinstriping, airbrushing and now portrait painting (pets & people) . "If I could not paint, I could not breathe" Debb Ferris Bates
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2 Responses to Artist Statement

  1. lori mcnee says:

    Hi Debb,

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me! It looks great. The clean look of the template is inviting, and the images are big and fun to look at. Your friendliness, talent and personality shines through the pages. I am sure it will be a great success!

    Congrats and thanks for being such a great art friend!!! I really appreciate you.


    • Hi Lori !
      So nice to see you here! I am thrilled and so much appreciate your opinion on my new adventure…website/blog !!!!
      Thanks for your kind words and your time here, because you are one busy gal !! Means alot to me that you took time out of your busy day (away from your art, which is so beautiful 🙂
      Keep checking in on my “art finds”, because I know if I get excited about them, so will my fellow ” artist friends” 🙂

      I sooooooo appreciate your friendship too !!! 🙂
      I have a mug that says it all….”Color the world with happiness ”
      Hugs ,

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